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Specialty Flavors: Welcome

Available hot, iced, or frozen

Almond Joy ~ almond, coconut, chocolate

Boss ~ chocolate, toasted marshmallow, coconut

Butter Baby ~ butter rum, white chocolate

Campfire ~ chocolate, toasted marshmallow

Candy Cane ~ white chocolate, peppermint

Caramel Macchiato ~ more caramel, less vanilla

Cherry Garcia ~ chocolate, black cherry

Chinook ~ white chocolate, caramel

Chocolate Monkey ~ chocolate, banana

Creamy Coconut ~ white chocolate, coconut

Dazzle Berry ~ white chocolate, hazelnut, raspberry

Easter Bunny ~ white chocolate, hazelnut, oreos (frozen only)

Fluffy Bunny ~ caramel, toasted marshmallow

French Vanilla ~ more vanilla, less caramel

Grasshopper ~ chocolate, peppermint

Havana Banana ~ white chocolate, hazelnut, banana

Hawaiian Delight ~ chocolate, coconut, macadamia nut

Heath ~ chocolate, english toffee

Home Run ~ white chocolate, caramel, oreos (frozen only)

Kit Kat ~ chocolate, vanilla

Mad Englishman ~ white chocolate, macadamia nut, english toffee

Mexican Mocha ~ chocolate, cinnamon

Milky Way ~ chocolate, caramel, vanilla

Moe's Special ~ white chocolate, irish cream

Mounds ~ chocolate, coconut

Nutty Irishman ~ hazelnut, irish cream

Peachberry Crumble ~ peach, blackberry, white chocolate

Pink Panther ~ white chocolate, black cherry

Purple Dream ~ lavender, white chocolate

Raspberry Swirl ~ raspberry, vanilla

Reece's ~ chocolate, peanut butter

Scottish Toffee ~ white chocolate, butterscotch, english toffee

Snickers ~ chocolate, hazelnut, caramel

Snickerdoodle ~ caramel, vanilla, cinnamon

Snow Peak ~ white chocolate, vanilla, almond

Take Five ~ chocolate, caramel, peanut butter

Trio ~ white chocolate, hazelnut, irish cream

Turtle ~ chocolate, caramel

Vanilla Love ~ white chocolate, strawberry, vanilla

Vienna ~ vanilla, cinnamon

Valencia ~ chocolate, orange

White Rabbit ~ white chocolate, hazelnut

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