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Explore our wide variety of dining options.

Dining Options: Text

~FROZEN YOGURT -Vanilla-Chocolate -Many flavors that differ each week-Over 20 different toppings available
~BREAKFAST BURRITO-most all burritos available in mild or spicy
-Bacon-Sausage-Chorizo-No meat-Bean and cheese when available.                  
~BAGEL-everything bagel or plain option-Bacon egg and cheese-Sausage egg and cheese-Gluten free Bacon egg cheese-Gluten free Sausage egg cheese           
~ENGLISH MUFFINS-Sausage egg and cheese-Bacon egg and cheese 
~CROISSANT-Bacon and 4cheese stuffed egg -Ham and Swiss sprinkled with everything bagel seasoning-Sriracha seasoned 4cheese stuffed egg-Ham and Chedder sprinkled with everything bagel seasoning-Salami, pepperoni, Ham, provolone cheese sprinkled with parmesan cheese and itialian seasoning-Tuscan turkey with pepperjack cheese sprinkled with everything bagel seasoning-Raspberry-Chocolate 
~DANISH-Cream cheese-Cherry-Apple-Raspberry-Blueberry-Blueberry cheese-Raspberry cheese
~BREAD-Blueberry crumble-Chocolate chip zucchini -Cinnamon-Pumpkin-Lemon poppy-Biscotti
~BROWNIE-Frosted-Rocky Road-Raspberry White Chocolate
-Lemon bars
~CAKE POP-Cookies and cream-Strawberry -Red velvet -Birthday cake-Strawberry lemonade-Chocolate
~BOBOS- Multiple flavor varieties.   ~COOKIES- Gnarly Mountain Cookie-Root beer - Horchata
~SCONE-Orange with orange icing-Apricot almond-Cinnamon pecan -Lemon Cranberry

Dining Options: Text
Dining Options: Pro Gallery
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